How To Cook Brown Rice In A Rice Cooker Complete Guide Step Wise

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People from different regions like rice of varying quality. Some like white rice because it is easy to cook and look beautiful. Whereas some prefer brown rice as it is rich in nutrients. Brown rice is less attractive and less delicious than sushi rice (white rice). But the problem is actually that they don’t know how to cook brown rice in a cooker. Overall, brown rice is healthier.  

Brown Rice Is Better Than White Rice

Brown rice has a bran layer that enriches in fibers. Gastrointestinal patients recommend eating this rice. It has a lot of crabs in them that are very important for our body. The main difference between white and brown rice is just the process. White rice took more steps to refine and then came to the market, whereas in brown rice inedible layer of rice is stripped off. It doesn’t take off the bran and germ infant layer. That’s Why it is full of the essential vitamins of our body. Now the question is how to cook brown rice in a cooker?

How To Cook Brown Rice In A Rice Cooker

The method is very easy, and also, you’ll admire that brown rice is tasty as well. Steps are here down, just following them and enjoy your meal.

Step 1

Firstly, ensure how much you want to cook brown rice. If you’re going to make for yourself or your family, then 4 cups of rice are enough.
8-10 cups are enough for a large family. 

Step 2

Rinse your rice with water. It will help remove pesticides, herbicides, and other contaminants. Use a pot in which you put your measured rice and add water from the tap in it. Rinse it 3 to 4 times until the water turns to colorless. This step will remove the excess scratch.

Step 3

Now the turn to measure the water. Brown rice requires more moisture than white rice, and it takes more time to absorb it because it has an extra bran layer, which doesn’t allow the water to digest easily.
Generally, 50% more water adds to the brown rice. I mean 2 cups of water for 1 cup of rice. 4 cups of rice needed 8 cups of water.

Step 4

 It is an optional step, but it will reduce the time to cook. Soak the rice in the measuring water for 30 min before cooking. It will help to absorb water.
Some rice cookers have the option of brown rice. It makes your work more comfortable as it automatically adjusts the water in it.

Step 5

Add some salt or black pepper according to taste, as it makes your rice tasty. You can also add some bay leaves if you want. Usually, ¼ spoon of salt adds by a ratio of one cup of rice.

Step 6

Now add it in the pot of rice cooker and on the button. Make sure you click the button of brown rice on your rice cooker if your cooker has. But if not, no need to worry. Start the timer and do another work.

Step 7

After the calling of finished cooking, please don’t remove the lid of your rice cooker. Your rice takes 15 minutes to settle down. Also, it protects your hand from contact with vapor directly.

Step 8

Stir the rice after cooking with the rice paddle or spatula given with the rice cooker. Some good cookers already did this. It doesn’t break your rise and make it fluffy.

  • Add some butter or lemon juice for your taste if you want. It is optional.

Step 9

Now your brown rice is ready. Scoop out in your bowl and enjoy this tasty meal.


Brown rice takes more time to cook appropriately, but just because of this issue.I don’t prefer white rice.It has a chewier texture. I feel brown rice is tastier than the white one. Also, it is full of fibers, and it lowers the fats and in our body. It prevents the formation of the blood clot. Taking white rice with less fibre always causes intestinal disorders so doctors and nutritionists always recommend brown rice.

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