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If you want to cook harmless and healthy food, then buy non Teflon rice cooker for this purpose.

People prefer to use a non-stick utensil for cooking. This is because they are easy to cook, clean, and merge ingredients well. But, the problem is that the nonstick utensils come up with a coating of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), also known as Teflon.  The studies of “Center for Disease and Prevention (CDC)” have observed that at high temperatures, the PTFE converts into Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which is a toxic material to intake.

Thus, if you want to make healthy food without any harmful materials, then you are in the right place. For this purpose, you need to look for a slow cooker without nonstick coating.  The performance of these ceramic pot rice cooker is as good as that of non-stick rice cookers without any health problems.

The alternatives for Teflon cookware includes stainless steel rice cooker without Teflon, Japanese ceramic rice cooker, rice cooker without nonstick coating, rice cooker stainless steel inner bowl, rice cooker with aluminum inner pot, and aluminum free rice cooker. Each non Teflon rice cooker offers its own benefits like easy to clean and wash utensils, add texture to foods, and non-toxic material.

Some Teflon free rice cooker are as simple in design as they have a pot with one button and a lid. On the other hand, some are multi-cookers that have the feature to cook rice, porridges, and stews. One more design approach is including racks for steaming purposes.

Here we provide the top 8 best non Teflon rice cooker by top-rated and trusted brands. All these suggested best pots to cook rice are safe and sound to use without any toxic material letting into your food.

Best Non Teflon Rice Cooker – Product Reviews:

  •  This rice cooker with ceramic inner pot has an outer cool touch surface.
  •   It comes with a natural clay inner pot.
  • This ceramic bowl rice cooker has a removable steam vent.
  •  While cooking, this cooker maintained a balanced Ph.
  •  It is easy to clean.


Aroma Houseware is a very famous brand in the manufacturing of household items, especially kitchen items.

This best ceramic rice cooker is the programmable model with a natural ceramic liner. This serves as an alternative to non-stick Teflon, so that food did not stick to the surface of the cooker. This rice cooker ceramic inner pot has the capacity to cook 12 cups of rice. You can use this cooker even for cooking in bulk for the crowd.

According to the company, this Multicook rice cooker has 12 different functions for cooking different meals like porridge, meat, slow cook, and steam cooking other than rice. For steam cooking, the cooker comes with a steaming tray that allows you to prepare meat, vegetables and grains and also conserve energy while cooking

  • It comes with an unglazed cooking pot.
  • This non Teflon rice cooker can be programmed from 30 minutes to a maximum of 12 hours.
  • The best pot for cooking rice is free from aluminum.
  • It is suitable for cooking white rice, soup, stews, and brown rice.
  •  Like many other Teflon free rice cooker, it is easy to clean.


According to the company, this non aluminum rice cooker is made from a special semi-porous Zisha clay. This clay yields superior flavor and helps in retaining moisture while cooking different recipes.

Although this bpa free rice cooker is also programmable, yet it offers a limited function as compared to the Aroma.  The company says that this rice cooker offers settings for making soups, porridge, stews, and 2 types of rice. This slow cooker offers you a 12 hour timer for making different cooking options.

Moreover, this non toxic rice cooker has a double-lid design that includes a clay lid for creating more pressure to maximize steaming during cooking.  It is easy to clean after use and is durable to last for many years.

  • The required cooking time with this rice cooker with stainless steel inner pot is 15 to 20 minutes.
  • If you open the lid while cooking, it will increase the cooking time.
  •  This stainless steel rice cooker without Teflon
  • Rice cooker without Teflon is designed with 304 grade stainless steel.
  •  It comes with a long cord of 38 inches.
  • The company also provides the measuring cup and serving spatula. 



If you are looking for a silent best non toxic slow cooker that does not bells and whistles, then try this model from Aroma. Unlike the previous model, this is the best non stick rice cooker that offers you to cook a maximum of up to 6 cups.

This rice cooker no Teflon is designed with stainless steel, and available at a very affordable price. It comes with a single button on/off operation. A newly added feature of this rice cooker is the “keep warm” function.

This rice cooker stainless steel inner bowl is best for making a variety of different recipes like stews, soups, and chilies other than rice. You can also make other recipes that you normally make on the stovetop.

  • The lid has a heat resistant knob.
  • The Steam vent efficiently controls the steam pressure.
  • This multi cooker with ceramic pot comes with 15 built-in programs.
  • With the help of transparent cover, you can see the meal cooking.
  • This rice cooker without Teflon or aluminum comes with lockdown nutrition function (no loss in nutrition).

Sonya Electric Ceramic pot is the cooker that you want for extra healthy meals. If you have decided to purchase this cooker, then you are going to receive a larger capacity of 3.2L with a bonus package. The bonus pack includes multiple ceramic inner pots. Total 4 inner pots are included, and each of different sizes: 1 small pot of 0.45 L, 2 medium pots of 0.65 L, and 1 large pot of 3.2 L.

The company says that all the non teflon rice cooker are made from high-quality ceramic and with stainless steel shells. The pots have a transparent top cover so that you can see the cooking meal clearly.

Other than the rice, this multifunctional cooker can be used as Slow Cooker, Stew Pot, Soup Maker, and Warmer. Besides all the above, with the help of 15 built-in smart programs, you can be ready in minimum time.

According to the company ceramic rice cooker review, this cooker is designed with a double-layer structure. The interior is made with stainless steel while the exterior is designed with premium quality plastic for energy saving and safety.

You can use this non aluminum rice cooker either cooking in a ceramic inner pot or cooking in a stainless steel stew pot. You can cook different types of meals simultaneously in the 4 ceramic inner pots.

  • It has a glass lid to trap heat.
  • The rice cooker with ceramic pot has integrated handles for an easy grip.
  • The dishwasher is easy to remove and insert.
  • It has the capacity to cook a meal for 4 to 6 persons.
  • This pressure cooker without Teflon can be programmed from 4 to 20 hours.

In the list of the best non-Teflon rice cookers, All-Clad Slow Cooker is also a very famous brand. This cooker comes with black Ceramic Insert and a lid made from high-quality glass. It comes with a digital display that is easy to read and large push-button controls.

The glass lid traps the moisture and heat. This rice cooker ceramic inner pot allows you to cook with the ultimate kitchen technologies for performance and lifetime durability. This rice cooker can be programmed from 4 to 20 hours of cook times. You can set the cycle time maximum of up to 26 hours. The whistle and audible alert tell you when the cooking time has ended.

According to the company, this non Teflon rice cooker is a very stylish cooker, and with the help of built-in programming functions, it is easy to use. The inner pot is large enough to cook a meal for 4 to 6 persons. It is easy to clean.  This slow cooker without nonstick coating is a perfect choice during winter and summer because it makes the kitchen cool in the summer time.

  • It comes with 10 preinstalled programs.
  • With the help of fuzzy logic technology, you can adjust the cooking time.
  • This non Teflon rice cooker comes with a digital control panel.
  • All the buttons are push buttons.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • You can also set 24 hours of delayed time with these best pots to cook rice.

If you are searching for a medium-sized rice cooker, then try this brand. This ceramic pot rice cooker comes with a ceramic coated inner pot with 10 preinstalled programs for making rice, slow cook, risotto, reheat, steam/soup, oatmeal, yogurt, and browning. It also has an automatic to keep warm.

According to the company, it is designed with Fuzzy Logic technology. This technology adjusts the cooking for perfect results. This sticky rice cooker amazon comes with a push-button digital control panel. This cooker provides a 2 mm thick nonstick inner pot, which is also removable and has a ceramic coating for easy cleaning. You can cook a maximum of 10 cups.

T-fal cooker comes with ceramic coated Inner Pot that has an adjustable cook time. The micro-pressure valve maintains the natural flavor of food. All you need is just to add the ingredients and set the cooking time perfectly. This multifunctional slow cooker without teflon comes with a short cord, a steamer basket, an inner pot, a small ladle, a steamer basket, a textured rice paddle, and a glossy recipe book and making delicious recipes.

With the help of the rice spoon, this will be fine. You can clean it with soapy water, or warm water.

  • It comes with a 1 liter steam tray.
  • The surface comes with infused titanium coating.
  • This rice cooker with steaming tray allows you to cook 30 times faster than in an ordinary cooker.
  • The inner surface is resistant to scratches.
  • It has a one-touch control button.

In the list, the best non Teflon rice cooker, Oster, is also a very famous brand. This medium-sized cooker comes with infused Titanium and has the capacity to cook up to 6 Cup of Rice. It also has a Steam Tray.

The unique thing about this rice cooker no Teflon is that it comes with Dura-Ceramic infused Titanium non-stick ceramic coating that has a life span of 8 times longer as compared to an ordinary steam cooker. This cooking surface lets you cook 30% faster than with ordinary non-stick surfaces. This is truly a convenient and versatile rice cooker without Teflon or aluminum that also teaches you how to make delicious grains, brown rice, and veggies just in one touch. You can also clean it more easily and fastly than ever before.

Moreover, this multifunctional multi cooker with ceramic pot allows you to rice and grain with a steamer simultaneously. This cooker can cook 3 cups of uncooked rice that is equal to 6 cups of cooked rice. The company says that this non electric rice steamer is rated at 110 volts with a maximum power of 350 watts. According to the company ceramic rice cooker review, you can make white rice in less than 25 minutes other than the brown rice.

  •  It comes with a power failure protection feature.
  • This non Teflon rice cooker is equipped with an over-temperature protection function.
  • It keeps the food warm after boiling/stewing protection.
  • It is the best multifunctional slow smart cooker.
  • The control panel is easy to use.

If you are searching for a budget-friendly smart cooker, then try this brand. This slow cooker has 3 ceramic inner pots in which you can cook 3 different tastes at the same time—the high-quality ceramic bowl rice cooker help to retain the nutritional value of the food.

This rice cooker has an easy to use control panel with some pre installed smart programs. Other than preinstalled programs, you can also adjust the timer function, memos, and setting panel according to your recipe. According to the company, the inner pot is made of food grade 304 stainless steel that can be used to directly cook the food.

This rice cooker ceramic inner pot lets you eat the meal keeping the original taste and nutrition of food because this rice cooker is especially suitable for boiling slowly valuable foods. The pot protects the food from dry heating to ensure reliable use.

The package includes 1 boiling pot, 2 small ceramic pots, 1 big ceramic pot, a user manual, and a Chinese version recipe book.

The Buying Tips for Non Teflon Rice Cooker

  • Depending upon how frequent you cook should look for the one with variable settings. Moreover, it is better to look for an induction function for cooking.
  • Another important factor to consider while buying a stainless steel rice cooker inner pot is the number of persons you want to cook for. A large variety is available depending upon the number of cups to be cooked. You can find a 1.5 cup rice cooker as well as a 10 cup rice cooker.
  • The measuring tools should be chosen first as the cup size may vary from country to country.
  • Better to cook for a multipurpose cooker that allows you to steam up and cook some other foods as well.
  • Pressurized cookers are better to buy as they don’t release steam and can be used anywhere.
  • Easy to use sticky rice cooker amazon are trendy as you don’t need to see the manual again and again to learn the settings. Some one-touch control settings pressure cooker without Teflon is also available.
  • Some ceramic bowl rice cooker do have the feature of being cool to touch the exterior. This property helps easy to control and avoid burning as well. Therefore look for cool handles to touch.
  • Another key factor to consider is to look for automatic rice warm options. This feature will enable you to serve warm rice at the dinning without any difficulty.
  • Easy to clean: Look for a lid and pot that is easy to remove and clean. Some best non toxic slow cooker come up with a detachable lid and pot. Thus, you can easily place them in a dishwasher and clean them off.
  • Lastly, it depends upon your choice to go for an analog or digital best non stick rice cooker. The digital slow cooker without Teflon allows you to have a digital display with other advanced options for settings.


In conclusion, we have known that eating healthy food is our basic requirement. We can’t compromise our health at all. Therefore, we shortlist the top 8 non Teflon rice cooker that will cook safe and healthy foods in a minute. Give a try to these trendy housewares and get useful results. I hope our buying guide helps you to find the best non Teflon rice cooker at reasonable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Non Teflon Rice Cooker

According to our rapid rice cooker reviews, the following are the best non Teflon rice cooker to buy.

  • Aroma Housewares Multicook Rice Cooker
  • Vitaclay 2 in 1 Slow Cooker
  • Aroma Housewares Stainless Cooker
  • Sonya Electric Ceramic Pot
  • All-Clad Slow Cooker

Although, a small intake of Teflon by mistake will not let any sort of serious health issue. But, cooking food daily in Teflon cookware can result in adverse effects like kidney problems, thyroid disorder, liver disease, and cancer.

One most important thing to consider is the quantity you want to cook. If you want to cook 5 cups of rice, then buy a 5 cup non Teflon rice cooker. Otherwise, your money is going to be all in vain as you will not be able to cook your desired quantity in others.

Yes, they are safe to cook. Even if they serve you more delicious, tastier, and nutritious foods to eat. Apart from it, you can easily cook your side dishes like quinoa, couscous, and rice in a quick and easy way without disturbing your other food items.

Top Rice Cooker Brands

Instant Pot Rice cooker
oster rice cooker
Zojirushi rice cooker
Aroma rice cooker
Aroma rice cooker

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